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Studio Owner/ Lead Photographer

Meet  Melissa:

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"My dedication and passion to providing breathtaking images for my clients while providing top quality customer service is my #1 priority. It is my job to ensure my team is well trained in all the newest technologies & techniques of the trade.


All my associate & master photographers are trained to shoot in our company "style" and all our editing is does in-house by me no bots, no outsourcing, I want to your photos to get the attention to detail that they deserve.

I cannot wait to learn more about you & see if myself and my team are the right fit for you! "

- Melissa L.
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Who We Are!

Founded in 2018 by Studio Owner, Melissa Lewis Photography Initially as a part-time endeavor, with an average of 10 clients annually, our rapid expansion in recent years is a testament to Melissa's unwavering passion, determination, and commitment to both her clients and excelling in the realm of Wedding Photography.


Emerging as one of the most highly regarded photography studios in New England, we now extend our expertise to assist nearly 60 couples each year. Despite our growing from a team professional, we remain steadfast in maintaining our post-production and editing processes in-house, ensuring unwavering consistency in our distinctive style. Since the company’s inception, we have had the privilege of capturing the heartfelt stories of over 200 couples.


As we eagerly anticipate the continuous growth of our company, we are excited to embark on new journeys with our couples, ready to embrace the remarkable moments they have in store for us.

Our Mission & Vision


At Melissa Lewis Photography, we are passionately committed to immortalizing the moments of your unforgettable wedding day. As a devoted wedding photography business, our foremost priority is to craft flawless images that will be cherished for generations. With an unwavering dedication to superior customer service, we curate experiences that are perfectly tailored to your unique desires. Our accomplished team of photographers are deeply attuned to your vision and personal style, working closely with you to deliver extraordinary photographs that encapsulate the very essence of your love story, creating memories that will be treasured forever.


At Melissa Lewis Photography, our vision is to curate a wedding photography experience that encompasses perfect planning, flawless execution, and exceptional results. We are committed to guiding our clients through a journey, flawlessly capturing their wedding day, and delivering photographs that surpass their expectations, preserving their precious memories for a lifetime.

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how we get the shot!

Our Team in Action..

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